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Narconon Center US

Meet the team of highly trained individuals and tour the campus at Narconon.


With 63 dedicated staff to service the needs of our clients, it is no wonder we consistently produce drug free people who are valuable contributing members of society.

Our facility, located on 167 acres of rural prairie land, offers a comprehensive model drug treatment program in a friendly, school campus setting.

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Narconon Withdraw House and Staff

Friendly and extremely competent, Narconon Withdraw Specialists are rigorously trained to deliver a drug-free withdrawal program. Clients receive a carefully designed withdrawal program that enables them to come off drugs without experiencing the usual agony of withdrawal. The withdraw house is fully equipped with its own kitchen and living area, providing for all the needs of our clientele.


Narconon's Medical Team

Our medical director, Dr. Timothy Scanlan, is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine. Narconon employs a physician and staff of licensed nursing professionals to ensure medically safe withdraw and drug rehabilitation program delivery.


Student Residence

On completion of their drug withdrawal program, students move into the main dormitory building where they reside for the duration of their stay at Narconon.

Dining Hall

Wholesome meals are served in our campus dining hall. Accomodations are made for special diets and a fresh salad bar is available at lunch and dinner.


Narconon Rehabilitation Services

We refer to our clients as students reflecting the series of practical courses that comprise the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. These courses work in concert to teach the student how to better handle life and livingness so they can take charge of their future. Supervision of students on these courses requires knowledge of the specific end results of doing each course, results that are a necessary foundation for a drug-free life.

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Narconon Case Supervisors

All Narconon students are carefully supervised through their drug rehabilitation program by a Case Supervisor who is specially trained on all Narconon procedures. Narconon Case Supervisors are complete experts on technical matters and Narconon Program delivery. They plan specific sessions, and keep students calm, willing and winning.

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Narconon New Life Detoxification Program

Key to keeping students off drugs is the New Life Detoxification Program. A specific program of exercise, sauna and vitamins to remove the drug residuals and other environmental toxins that have accumulated in the body tissues. Residual drug metabolites can trigger drug and alcohol cravings as well as "flashbacks" years after a person has ceased taking drugs.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program frees individuals from the restimulative effects of residuals of the chemicals, drugs and other toxic substances they have been exposed to throughout their life. Students report a marked resurgence of overall sense of well being and are now able to receive gains from the remaining Narconon program courses.


Narconon Course Supervisors and Courseroom

Narconon Course Supervisors are dedicated, hard working and extremely adept at spotting and correcting students who misunderstand course concepts. Using the study technology developed by L.Ron Hubbard - a breakthrough in the field of education that is recognized by educators around the world - students are kept out of the fog of confusion and rapidly progress through their program.


Narconon Qualifications Division

Quality means degree of excellence. It is the quality of the product that determines the reputation and expansion of an organization. Narconon has an entire division dedicated to an staff training and quality improvement so that the Narconon Program is delivered exactly as designed.

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Program Support Services

The support of friends and family is important to the success of every student as they work through the Narconon program courses. Narconon employs a team of Program Support Service staff whose main objectives are to keep students moving through their programs smoothly and be the contact point for friends and family. Students are about to confront the very things that resulted in their addiction and often need help sorting this out. Program Support Services also coordinate extracurricular activities for students who achieve their course targets. There is lots of support and camaraderie among students at the Narconon New Life Center.

Narconon Ethics Officers

Ethics consists of the actions an individual takes on himself to make long-term, pro-survival decisions. As Narconon clientele have a history of making decisions that do not promote survival, instruction in the technology of ethics is a keynote of the Narconon Program.Our team of Ethics Officers are also responsible for providing a safe, disturbance-free and drug -free environment for Narconon public and staff, where productive staff are protected and the valuable final products of Narconon are achieved.

Staff Commitment

Helping save a life is the single most important objective of the entire Narconon staff. Call our Registration and Intake Counselors for program details and help with your decisions.

Our professional, experienced staff are dedicated to saving the lives of people destroyed by the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Know that at Narconon you have found the best place possible.

Narconon New Life Center Intake and Registration Counselors


For inquiries regarding admission to Narconon New Life Center
please call an Intake Counselor at: 1-800-468-6933.

The center is available to accept calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Or write to an Intake Counselor for more information:1000 W. Judo Rd. Newkirk, Oklahoma 74647