Pitkävaikutteista huumevieroitushoitoa.

Pitkävaikutteista huumevieroitushoitoa

Narconon Latin America


The first Narconon center in Mexico was an extraordinary pilot program, introducing the full Narconon program, including withdrawal and the sauna sweat-out, inside a major prison facility in Ensenada, Baja California. In 1995, with the help of other volunteers, a Mexican team, trained at the Chilocco International Training Center, began delivery of Narconon program services to help seven heroin-addicted inmates through withdrawal. From this developed Narconon Ensenada, now manned almost entirely by inmates and former inmates who were trained inside the prison on the Narconon program procedures. The goal of the Narconon staff inmates is to rehabilitate the entire prison population from heroin addiction (where reputedly at least 80 percent were addicted) and to make of the whole prison “a model Narconon center for prisons in Mexico.”

In 1996, Narconon Colombia officially began full Narconon program delivery in a center on the outskirts of Santa Fe de Bogota. Narconon Mexico in Queretero, north of Mexico City, opened its doors for full delivery in March of 1998.

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Narconon Brazil staff have begun extensive drug education delivery (particularly in the populous Sao Paulo area, which also has a high crime and homocide rate from drug abuse). They also have begun training professional staff of other centers in the specifics of the Narconon program methodology. Narconon Argentina has been delivering drug education lectures and airing regular radio drug education in the Buenos Aires area since 1997.